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Survey Details

  • Surveys steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and Ferro-cement hulls.
  • Ultrasonic testing of steel, aluminum and fiberglass hulls
  • D.F.O. measurements for fisheries and ocean regulations
  • Gauging steel, aluminum and fiberglass hulls.
    Non-destructive thickness measurement for steel, aluminum, fiberglass and fiberglass gel coat.

  • Hull Corrosion and Osmosis analysis
    Silver/Silver Chloride Half Cell Testing is an in-water corrosion test that determines susceptibility to galvanic and stray current corrosion, it is also an indication of the condition and proper operation of Zincs.
    Osmosis is best defined as a chemical breakdown in a laminate due to moisture ingress which ultimately results in blistering of the gel coat.

  • Coating Thickness Gauging non-destructively measures the thickness of coatings on metals.
  • Moisture Testing involving non-destructive moisture readings.
    The Tramex Skipper Moisture Meter:-- Determines intrusion of moisture into fiberglass laminate, susceptibility to blisters.
     - Indicates saturation of wooden structural systems, propensity to rot.
     - Used to determine condition of wood boat planking and structural components.
    The vessel will need to be hauled out, all water removed from the bilge and small areas of bottom paint may need to be removed. Best results after 48 hours out of water.

  • Engine Compression Testing and Analysis  
    Diesel and gasoline engine compression and leak down testing indicates worn out engine, ring compression problems, valve problems, etc

  • Spectrometric Engine Fluid Analysis.
    Lab Spectrometer Analysis is $50 per engine, flat rate, no hourly fee.
    State-of-the-art Spectrometers identify and measure contaminates if any, such as unburned fuel, anti-freeze, fresh or salt water, carbon and dirt.
    The Spectrometers also detect normal or abnormal levels of metal particles; aluminum from pistons, chromium from rings, copper from bearings and iron from the crankshaft.
    Data adjusts to marine engine make, total engine hours and hours since last oil change.
    Allow two weeks for lab results and report.

  • Internal Borescope Inspection for diesel and gas engines, turbines, marine gear and other equipment.

Checking the Hull


Moisture Testing

Engine Testing

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