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Types of Survey






Pre-Offer Inspections

New Yacht or
Ship Inspections

Sea Trials


Marine Fraud & Accident Investigation



Damage Survey

A Damage Survey is usually commissioned by a specific insurance company as part of a claim investigation.
It's function is to establish the extent of the damage and to give an estimate of the cost of repairs. In such circumstances, the Surveyor acts as the Underwriters eyes and ears. The Surveyor works in liaison with the insured, the repair facility and all the relevant participants. Back....


Appraisals are conducted for several reasons, but primarily they are made to establish a vessel's fair market value and to report that value to a lending institution. An accurate appraisal is arrived at after a detailed inspection of the vessel's systems and overall seaworthiness. An appraisal is also sought in establishing the value of older boats, motors and other marine property designated for tax filing purposes. Back....


An Insurance Survey is in itself a detailed inspection, but it's primary focus is on any condition which could lead to the sinking of the vessel, causing a fire or endangering the crew. This assessment is performed to enable the Insurance Underwriter to evaluate the vessel's insurability and risk assessment. Back....


This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. It is a complete inspection of the vessel to ascertain it's condition as to overall operational capability.

This report includes :

  • Operation of all equipment and systems while the vessel is in the water (electrical systems, navigation systems, propulsion systems, fuel systems, all machinery and electronics).

  • An out of water inspection of the running gear and a sounding of the hull.

  • Complete inspection of the whole interior structure where accessible.

  • Estimated local market value based on condition and general maintenance.

  • Findings and recommendations.

  • This report is issued in compliance with boating standards set by the National Fire Prevention Association (N.F.P.A.), the American Boat and Yacht Council (A.B.Y.C.), the Canadian Shipping Act Regulations, Small Vessel Construction Standards as well as U.S. Coast Guard and I.M.O. Regulations if they apply. Back....

Detailed Specialty Inspection

A "Detailed Inspection" is a customized service which usually includes subcontractor(s) and can provide details on the condition and function of the engine(s), transmission(s), generator(s), tanks, shaft(s), propeller(s), electronics or any other specifically designated component or system. Every system or only specifically designated systems can be examined by qualified technicians. This service should be considered by buyers of high end or sophisticated vessels and is well worth the additional expense. Back....

Pre-Offer Inspection

Our company offers a preliminary inspection along with professional photography or video of boats of interest at a reasonable rate. It entails a brief inspection of the vessel with the purpose of providing you with an overall assessment of the condition of the vessel in general terms. The purpose is to determine if the vessel is worthy of an offer. Back....

New Yacht or Ship Inspections

Our company provides a consultation service that oversees inspections of new vessel construction (progress reports), from start to sea trial and delivery. The objectives of a new yacht or ship inspection is as follows:

  1. Check through construction stages to make sure vessel is to contract specifications.

  2. To discover warranty problems and get them corrected prior to taking delivery.

  3. Final quality control check to locate flaws and other defects, including safety and durability issues prior to taking delivery.

  4. To locate substandard conditions in structure, mechanical, system design and construction.

We provide design and engineering expertise to advise you on the caliber of the vessel in question.
The basic procedure is the same as a pre-purchase survey and includes a sea trial. Back....

Sea Trials

A "Sea Trial" is a critical and important part of evaluating a vessel, it's performance and it's systems. A knowledgeable boater should discuss the specific parameters that a professional evaluates prior to the sea trial. A novice boater should retain a professional to attend the sea trial to gain the beneficial experience. General vessel and engine performance, handling characteristics and in-service system operations can be assessed and reported on. Many aspects of performance can only be determined during operation and experience allows comparative analysis. Back....


Consultation involves the rendering of formal professional recommendations. It is a very suitable arrangement when a specific survey is not applicable or appropriate. On occasions when investigations, studies or simply representing an owner is required, a Consulting Contract can offer the flexibility to get the job done.

We are interested in:

  • Supervision of routine and unscheduled dry dockings of ships.

  • Investigating the causes of engines and machinery damage.

  • Owner's representative for the refit of vessels.

  • Owner's representative during the purchase of vessels.

  • Owner's representative of new construction. Back....

Marine Fraud and Accident Investigation

Experience and the expertise of managing, mitigating and verifying losses arising from ocean marine claims. We specialize in handling claims in a manner that is tailored to our individual clients and their special needs. Our aim is to radically reduce your losses anywhere in the world using our knowledge and experience in the marine and insurance fields which will reduce your losses to the barest minimum. Back....


Draft surveys determine the weight of the cargo aboard the vessel. In today's market and with today's freight rates this is now more important than ever for all concerned parties. A proper draft survey can save substantial costs for the interested party; not to mention costly delays which inevitably result from quantity disputes. We offer qualified personnel to aid in determining the exact weight of the cargo and avoid the resultant delays and disputes. Back....


Investigation of internal and external D.C. influences on dissimilar metals within a vessel. Back....

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