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Certified / Master Marine Surveyor / Marine Engineer / Marine Consultant

Leonard R. Stevens

1430 Ward Road
P.O. Box 416                                           
Coombs, B.C.
Canada V0R 1M0

Cell: 228-229-6065

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Working within the marine industry using my education, experience and abilities to benefit my clients.

Grade 12
Granton Institute of Technology
Nova Scotia Nautical Institute
N.S.I.T. / B.C.I.T. Pacific Marine Campus
Business Management
Marine Surveyor Technical School

Bachelor of Science Marine Engineering
Master Marine Surveyor # 401197/S
Certified Marine Surveyor
International Register of Shipping (Surveyor)
Marine Engineering - Certificate # 16193I
Heavy Duty Equipment & Diesel Engines - Certificate # 87-783
Diesel Mechanics - Certificate # 691/S023605/BC
Industrial Hydrodynamics & Pneumatics - Certificate # 1800/S203605/NS
Marine Fire Fighting - Certificate # 194/80
Marine Emergency Duty - Certificate # 185/80
Senior Officers Certification
Propulsion Plant Simulator
Diesel Fuel Systems
Navtech Corrosion Control, Specialized Commercial and Cargo Surveying
USSA Fishing Vessel Qualified
USSA Accident and Fraud Investigation

1994 Present
Master Marine Surveyor / Test Engineer / Supervisor / Consultant
Bluewave Marine Surveyors

1994 1989
Marine Engineer / Shipyard Supervisor - Offshore Freezer Trawlers

1989 1984
Marine Sales / Service Manager Angleo Marine

1984 1980
Marine Engineer / Mechanic Dome / Canmar Marine Drilling (Arctic Ocean)

1980 1966
Plant Engineer (refrigeration plant) / Marine Engineer / Mechanic National Sea

Maintaining a safe and efficient operation of diesel / electrical / steam driven ships.
Maintaining a safe and efficient operation of refrigeration / diesel power generation plants.
Complete overhaul / rebuilding small and large bore diesel engines, marine gears and other related equipment.
Complete overhaul / rebuilding of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, turbo chargers and other related equip.
Complete overhaul / rebuilding of hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors and other related equipment.
Oversee construction of new ships and refits for owners.
Ultrasonic thickness gage of ships hulls, piping and tanks etc.
Internal borescope inspection of equipment.
Oversee and evaluate the operation of equipment during acceptance testing and shakedown cruises.
Setting up preventative and predictive maintenance programs.
Installing equipment, operating tests of equipment during acceptance testing of rigid hull inflatable R.I.B.s
Locating and purchasing parts and equipment.
Marine fraud and accident investigation.
Knowledgeable in Coast Guards, IMO and other pertinent regulatory body requirements.
Knowledgeable in A.B.Y.C. and N.F.P.A. safety recommendations.
Troubleshooting and diagnosing mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, cranes, diesel engines and related equipment.
Factory training courses in diesel engines, marine gears, electrical equipment, diesel fuel systems and turbo chargers.

Prepared proposals, reports and performance analysis.
Prepared tests and evaluations.
Supervised and trained personnel, establishing work priorities.
Interpreted and implemented policies and procedures.
Inspected and approved work performance.
Troubleshooting problem areas and implemented corrective measures.
Acted as a liaison between working groups.
Preparing estimates, negotiating contracts.
Introduced and market of new products.
Administered public and customer relations.
Possess strong interpersonal communication skills and demonstrates an interest in working harmoniously with others.

U.S. Marine Surveyors Assn.
The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors
International Register of Shipping (Surveyor)
International Cargo Gear Bureau Inc.
International Assn. of Marine Investigators
American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)
National Fire Protection Assn. (NFPA)
International Fire Marshals Assn.
Canada Shipping Act Tonnage Measurer
Canadian D.F.O. Fisheries Measurer
Independent Contract Non-Exclusive Fee Surveyor

*Certificates of service available on request
*Business and character references available on request 


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Cell: 228-229-6065
P.O. Box 416, 1430 Ward Road
Coombs, B.C., Canada V0R 1M0
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